October 10, 2023 · Meet Magento New York

Building Durable, Performant Systems Integrations at Scale

Systems integrations kinda… suck. On one hand, they're among the most important parts of complex ecommerce builds, but on the other hand, they're arguably the most frequently botched. Poor design can result in integrations that test well but bog down quickly at scale, or encounter frequent, annoying errors that require a lot of "encouragement" from a human operator.

This talk explores how a decoupled approach can solve many of the problems that plague systems integrations. Architectural patterns like microservices and message buses enable more durable, performant systems integrations that can more easily recover from outages and handle load spikes. While these architectural patterns may be trendy, there's no need to abandon your whole tech stack: we can apply these principles to anything from a SQL table to an FTP bucket.