January 18, 2024 · AED Summit

Building a Strong Technology Foundation for Equipment Dealerships

Legacy infrastructure is a big problem — especially in industries that are hesitant to adopt new technologies. Old systems groan under their own weight after decades of uptime, while new systems demand valuable time and money to avoid obsolescence within mere months of deployment. IT leaders look to stay ahead, seeking efficiencies through outsourcing and cost-cutting. However, enterprise systems don't always thrive under these conditions, forcing us to spend beyond our means or risk jeopardizing the longevity of these high-touch applications.

This talk outlines a holistic approach to balancing cost and flexibility when executing digital transformation projects. Understanding the “standardize or specialize” paradigm helps determine when to cut back and when to invest in IT systems. Additionally, a strong grasp of different models for IT infrastructure fosters a more realistic view of long-term TCO. Changing how we approach IT projects enables us to invest heavily in key areas by cutting back safely in others.