February 1, 2024 · Meet Magento Florida

Mastering the Three Core Aspects of Software Releasing

Fear not! Releasing software no longer needs to be scary: DevOps is here to save the day and solve all of your problems!

At least, that's the popular wisdom. While the upper echelon of software engineering organizations may have achieved enlightenment by way of continuous delivery, the rest of us struggle to rise to the occasion. Or, moreso, our budgets and teams struggle. How do we replicate on a smaller scale the key factors that make these organizations so successful?

This talk explores three of the most common blunders in releasing software, and three "rules for releasing" to counter these blunders. By properly testing, codifying, and packaging our changes, we can eliminate uncertainty about how our changes will behave, and release with a high degree of confidence. While these practices achieve many of the same outcomes, there's no need to go broke investing in the same tooling as the heavy hitters.